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Introduction to Grant Writing & Team Formation

Dr. Hala Azzam
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05/13/2013 | 127MB | SCORM


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General Description

Have you ever wondered how to get started on developing a research idea and writing a proposal? If you have, this course is for you. Upon completion of this course you will:
1.Understand how to approach the grant writing process
2.Have a road map to develop and refine your project idea
3.Know what it takes to start a team
4.Avoid many commonly made mistakes
5.Have access to resources that can further guide you

This course was developed for an NIH-funded cancer prevention and control research training program focused on Morocco. And while it targets young assistant professors working in public health research using the US National Institutes of Health as a model for writing grants, materials covered go beyond a typical grant writing course, and expose the viewer to emotional and social intelligence concepts such as self-awareness, life balance and team building concepts,all key ingredients for a successful career. Furthermore, many of the principles and criteria covered would benefit young academic US researchers as well as emerging NGOs and foundations.